Our Staff

Farmer’s Cooperative Assn. has an awesome group of employees at each location ready to help you with all your coop needs. Below is a list of our employees at each location: 

Tonkawa Administration Office 


Daniel Koelsch - General Manager - daniel.koelsch@farmerscoop.net 
Tami McMillen- Controller - tami.mcmillen@farmerscoop.net 

Leesa Cunningham- Grain and Customer Relations Coordinator- leesa.cunningham@farmerscoop.net

Kody Leonard- Agronomy Manager- kody.leonard@farmerscoop.net 

Caleb Cunningham- Grain Operations Manager - caleb.cunningham@farmerscoop.net 



Hardware Plus 

Billy Steichen- Hardware Store Manager- billy.steichen@farmerscoop.net

Ethan Androes


Ponca City 

Marty Steichen - Ranch Drive Location Manager - marty.steichen@farmerscoop.net 

Brenda Steichen 


Anthony Vap- Tonkawa Location Manager -  anthony.vap@farmerscoop.net 



Zack Rupp- Perry Location Manager- zack.rupp@farmerscoop.net  

Kelby Moss- Agronomy- kelby.moss@farmerscoop.net    

Roman Cervantes 


CJ Redford - Blackwell Location Manager -  cj.redford@farmerscoop.net 



Garrett Cantrell



Michelle Hernandez - Braman Location Manager - michelle.hernandez@farmerscoop.net



Bo Elam - Kildare Location Manager - bo.elam@farmerscoop.net

Colby Sebor